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 All spiffs payable via SIMAPAY



For Distributor Spiff: Call 800-474-9724

 For the life of the activation
*Spiff program is subject to change at anytime by Modern Wireless Inc

Dealer Spiff: Effective November 1, 2014. A minimum of 10 combined activations are required to receive spiffs. (PagePlus Activations are excluded). Any combinations are OK, for example:  (4 H2O + 1 Net10 + 3 Telcel + 2 Simple Mobile = 10 Total = Qualifies for monthly spiffs.

Dealer Residual: A minimum of 20 total monthly activations between all carriers required (PagePlus activations are excluded). Any combination is OK. For example: ( 15 H2O activations + 3 Simple Mobile + 1 Net10 + 1 Telcel = 20 total = Qualifies for accumulated residual payment).

Ask about our upfront spiff via SIMAPAY. 


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